Countdown to the Next Upcoming Solar Eclipse

Countdown to Time of the Greatest Duration: October 2, 2024 18:46:13 UTC.
Type of this Eclipse: Annular

Where is the Next Solar Eclipse:

Annular: Southern Argentina, Southern Chile

Partial: Pacific, Southern South America

Upcoming Solar Eclipses in the 21st Century (up to year 2050)

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Time [UTC]
LocationPath [km]Path [mi]
October 2, 202418:46:13144Annular0.9337:2522°00′S, 114°30′W266165
Annular: Southern Argentina, Southern Chile
Partial: Pacific, Southern South America
March 29, 202510:48:36149Partial0.93861°06′N, 77°06′W
Partial: Europe, Northern Russia, Northwest Africa
September 21, 202519:43:04154Partial0.85560°54′S, 153°30′E
Partial: Antarctica, New Zealand, South Pacific
February 17, 202612:13:06121Annular0.9632:2064°42′S, 86°48′E616383
Annular: Antarctica
Partial: Antarctica, Chile, South Africa, South Argentina
August 12, 202617:47:06126Total1.0392:1865°12′N, 25°12′W294183
Total: Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, Spain, Balearic Islands
Partial: Europe, Northern North America, Western Africa
February 6, 202716:00:48131Annular0.9287:5131°18′S, 48°30′W282175
Annular: Argentina, Atlantic, Chile
Partial: Antarctica, South Africa, South America, West
August 2, 202710:07:50136Total1.0796:2325°30′N, 33°12′E258160
Total: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Spain, Tunisia, Yemen
Partial: Africa, Europe, Mid East, South Asia, West
January 26, 202815:08:59141Annular0.92110:273°00′N, 51°30′W323201
Annular: Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Suriname
Partial: Central, Eastern North America, Northwest Africa, South America, Western Europe
July 22, 202802:56:40146Total1.0565:1015°36′S, 126°42′E230140
Total: Australia, New Zealand
Partial: East Indies, Southeast Asia
January 14, 202917:13:48151Partial0.87163°42′N, 114°12′W
Partial: Central America, North America
June 12, 202904:06:13118Partial0.45866°48′N, 66°12′W
Partial: Alaska, Arctic, Northern Asia, Northern Canada, Scandinavia
July 11, 202915:37:19156Partial0.23064°18′S, 85°36′W
Partial: Southern Argentina, Southern Chile
December 5, 202915:03:58123Partial0.89167°30′S, 135°42′E
Partial: Antarctica, Southern Argentina, Southern Chile
June 1, 203006:29:13128Annular0.9445:2156°30′N, 80°06′E250160
Annular: Algeria, Greece, Japan, Northern China, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey
Partial: Alaska, Arctic, Asia, Europe, Mid East, Northern Africa
November 25, 203006:51:37133Total1.0473:4443°36′S, 71°12′E169105
Total: Australia, Botswana, South Africa
Partial: Antarctica, Australia, East Indies, South Africa, Southern Indian Ocean
May 21, 203107:16:04138Annular0.9595:268°54′N, 71°42′E15294
Annular: Angola, Indonesia, Malaysia, Republic Of The Congo, South Indian Ocean, Tanzania, Zambia
Partial: Africa, Australia, East Indies, South Asia
November 14, 203121:07:31143Hybrid1.0111:080°36′S, 137°36′W3824
Hybrid: Pacific, Panama
Partial: Central America, Northwest South America, South United States
May 9, 203213:26:42148Annular0.9960:2251°18′S, 7°06′W4427
Annular: South Atlantic
Partial: South Africa, South South America
November 3, 203205:34:13153Partial0.85570°24′N, 132°36′E
Partial: Asia
March 30, 203318:02:36120Total1.0462:3771°18′N, 155°48′W781485
Total: Alaska, East Russia
Partial: North America
September 23, 203313:54:31125Partial0.68972°12′S, 121°12′W
Partial: Antarctica, South South America
March 20, 203410:18:45130Total1.0464:09, 15999
Total: Afghanistan, Cameroon, Chad, China, Egypt, India, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan
Partial: Africa, Europe, West Asia
September 12, 203416:19:28135Annular0.9742:5818°12′S, 72°36′W10263
Annular: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay
Partial: Central America, South America
March 9, 203523:05:54140Annular0.9920:4829°00′S, 154°54′W3119
Annular: New Zealand, Pacific
Partial: Antarctica, Australia, Mexico
September 2, 203501:56:46145Total1.0322:5429°06′N, 158°00′E11672
Total: China, Japan, Korea, Pacific
Partial: East Asia, Pacific
February 27, 203604:46:49150Partial0.62971°36′S, 131°24′W
Partial: Antarctica, New Zealand, South Australia
July 23, 203610:32:06117Partial0.19968°54′S, 3°36′E
Partial: South Atlantic
August 21, 203617:25:45155Partial0.86271°06′N, 47°00′E
Partial: Alaska, Arctic, Canada, Northwest Africa, West Europe
January 16, 203709:48:55122Partial0.70568°30′N, 20°48′E
Partial: Europe, Mid East, North Africa, West Asia
July 13, 203702:40:36127Total1.0413:5824°48′S, 139°06′E201125
Total: Australia, New Zealand
Partial: Australia, East Indies, Pacific
January 5, 203813:47:11132Annular0.9733:182°06′N, 25°24′W10766
Annular: Chad, Cote D'Ivoire, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ghana, Niger
Partial: Africa, Atlantic, East North America, Europe, North South America
July 2, 203813:32:55137Annular0.9911:0025°24′N, 21°54′W3119
Annular: Chad, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Sudan, Venezuela
Partial: Africa, Central America, Europe, Mid East, North, South America
December 26, 203801:00:10142Total1.0272:1840°18′S, 164°00′E9559
Total: Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific
Partial: Antarctica, Australia, East Indies, New Zealand, South Pacific, Southeast Asia
June 21, 203917:12:54147Annular0.9454:0578°54′N, 102°06′W365227
Annular: Alaska, Estonia, Finland, North Canada, Norway, Russia, Sweden
Partial: North America, West Europe
December 15, 203916:23:46152Total1.0361:5180°54′S, 172°48′E380240
Total: Antarctica
Partial: South South America
May 11, 204003:43:02119Partial0.53162°48′S, 174°24′E
Partial: Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand
November 4, 204019:09:02124Partial0.80762°12′N, 53°24′W
Partial: Central America, North
April 30, 204111:52:21129Total1.0191:519°36′S, 12°12′E7245
Total: Angola, Kenya, Republic Of The Congo, Somalia, Uganda
Partial: Africa, Brazil, Mid East
October 25, 204101:36:22134Annular0.9476:079°54′N, 162°54′E213132
Annular: China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Pacific
Partial: East Asia, Pacific
April 20, 204202:17:30139Total1.0614:5127°00′N, 137°18′E210130
Total: Indonesia, Malaysia, North Pacific, Philippines
Partial: Australia, East, Pacific, Southeast Asia
October 14, 204202:00:42144Annular0.9307:4423°42′S, 137°48′E273170
Annular: Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand
Partial: Antarctica, East Indies, South Pacific, South-east Asia
April 9, 204318:57:49149Total (non-central)1.01061°18′N, 152°00′E
Total (non-central): Northeast Russia
Partial: North North America, Northeast Asia
October 3, 204303:01:49154Annular (non-central)0.95061°00′S, 35°18′E
Annular (non-central): South Indian Ocean
Partial: Antarctica, Indian Ocean, Southwest Australia
February 28, 204420:24:40121Annular0.9602:2762°12′S, 25°36′W
Annular: South Atlantic
Partial: Antarctica, South America
August 23, 204401:17:02126Total1.0362:0464°18′N, 120°24′W453281
Total: Alberta, Greenland; Canada's Northwest Territories, North Dakota, Nunavut, Southwestern Saskatchewan; Montana
Partial: Greenland, North Asia, Western North America
February 16, 204523:56:07131Annular0.9287:4728°18′S, 166°12′W281175
Annular: New Zealand, Pacific
Partial: Australia, Hawaii
August 12, 204517:42:39136Total1.0776:0625°54′N, 78°30′W256159
Total: Brazil, Dominican Republic, French Guiana, Guyana, Haiti, South United States, Suriname, Venezuela
Partial: Central, North, South America, Western Africa
February 5, 204623:06:26141Annular0.9239:424°48′N, 171°24′W310190
Annular: California, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Papua New Guinea
Partial: Australia, Western United States
August 2, 204610:21:13146Total1.0534:5112°42′S, 15°12′E206128
Total: Angola, Botswana, Brazil, East Namibia, South Africa, South Mozambique, Swaziland
Partial: Africa
January 26, 204701:33:18151Partial0.89162°54′N, 111°42′E
Partial: Alaska, East Asia
June 23, 204710:52:31118Partial0.31365°48′N, 178°00′W
Partial: Greenland, North Canada, Northeast Asia
July 22, 204722:36:17156Partial0.36163°24′S, 160°12′E
Partial: New Zealand, Southeast Australia
December 16, 204723:50:12123Partial0.88266°24′S, 6°36′W
Partial: Antarctica, South Argentina, South Chile
June 11, 204812:58:53128Annular0.9444:5863°42′N, 11°30′W272169
Annular: Afghanistan, Greenland, Iceland, Midwest United States, Norway, Ontario, Quebec, Russia, Sweden
Partial: Caribbean, Europe, North Africa, North America, West Asia
December 5, 204815:35:27133Total1.0443:2846°06′S, 56°24′W16099
Total: Argentina, Botswana, Chile, Namibia
Partial: South South America, Southwest Africa
May 31, 204913:59:59138Annular0.9634:4515°18′N, 29°54′W13483
Annular: Burkina Faso, Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Guyana, Mali, Nigeria, Peru, Senegal, Venezuela
Partial: Africa, Central America, South America, South Europe, Southeast United States
November 25, 204905:33:48143Hybrid1.0060:383°48′S, 95°12′E2113
Hybrid: Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen
Partial: Australia, East Africa, East Indies, South Asia
May 20, 205020:42:50148Hybrid1.0040:2140°06′S, 123°42′W2717
Hybrid: South Pacific
Partial: New Zealand, Southwest South America
November 14, 205013:30:53153Partial0.88769°30′N, 1°00′E
Partial: East Canada, Europe, North Africa, Northeast United States

Previous Solar Eclipses (21st Century)

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Time [UTC]
LocationPath [km]Path [mi]
April 8, 202418:18:29139Total1.0574:2825°18′N, 104°06′W198123
Total: Central, East Canada, Mexico, Northeastern United States
Partial: Central America, North America
October 14, 202318:00:41134Annular0.9525:1711°24′N, 83°06′W187116
Annular: Brazil, Central America, Colombia, Western United States
Partial: Central America, North America, South America
April 20, 202304:17:56129Hybrid1.0131:169°36′S, 125°48′E4930
Hybrid: Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea
Partial: East Indies, New Zealand, Philippines, Southeast Asia
October 25, 202211:01:20124Partial0.86261°36′N, 77°24′E
Partial: Europe, Mid East, Northeast Africa, West Asia
April 30, 202220:42:36119Partial0.64062°06′S, 71°30′W
Partial: Southeast Pacific, Southern South America
December 4, 202107:34:38152Total1.0371:5476°48′S, 46°12′W419260
Total: Antarctica
Partial: South Africa, South Atlantic
June 10, 202110:43:07147Annular0.9433:5180°48′N, 66°48′W527327
Annular: Greenland, Northern Canada, Russia
Partial: Asia, Europe, Northern North America
December 14, 202016:14:39142Total1.0252:1040°18′S, 67°54′W9056
Total: Argentina, Kiribati, Polynesia, Southern Chile
Partial: Antarctic Peninsula, Central, Ellsworth Land, Southern South America, Southwest Africa, Western Queen Maud Land
June 21, 202006:41:15137Annular0.9940:3830°30′N, 79°42′E2113
Annular: Chongqing, Democratic Republic Of The Congo, Empty Quarter, Eritrea, Ethiopia, New Delhi, Northern India, Oman, Southern China, Southern Pakistan, Sudan, Taiwan, Tibet, Yemen
Partial: Africa, Asia, Cape York Peninsula, Middle East, Northern Territory, Southeastern Europe, West Melanesia, Western Australia
December 26, 201905:18:53132Annular0.9703:401°00′N, 102°18′E11873
Annular: Bahrain, Borneo, Central Indonesia, Guam, Lakshadweep, Micronesia, Northeastern Pakistan Saudi Arabia, Northern Sumatra, Oman, Palau, Qatar, Singapore, Southern India, Southern Malaysia, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates
Partial: Asia, East Africa, Middle East, Northwestern Australia, Western Melanesia
July 2, 201919:24:08127Total1.0464:3317°24′S, 109°00′W201125
Total: Central Argentina, Chile, Pitcairn Islands
Partial: Easter Island, Galapagos Islands, Polynesia, South America, Southern Central America, Tuamotu Archipelago
January 6, 201901:42:38122Partial0.71567°24′N, 153°36′E
Partial: Aleutian Islands, Northeastern Asia, Southwestern Alaska
August 11, 201809:47:28155Partial0.73770°24′N, 174°30′E
Partial: Arctic Ocean, Greenland, Iceland, Northeastern Canada, Northern Asia, Northern British Isles, Russia, Scandinavia
July 13, 201803:02:16117Partial0.33667°54′S, 127°24′E
Partial: Budd Coast, Indian Ocean, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria
February 15, 201820:52:33150Partial0.59971°00′S, 0°36′E
Partial: Antarctica, Southern South America
August 21, 201718:26:40145Total1.0312:4037°00′N, 87°42′W11571
Total: Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, Northeastern Georgia, Northeastern Kansas, Oregon, South Carolina, Southern Illinois, Southwest Virginia, Southwestern North Carolina, Tennessee, Western Kentucky, Wyoming
Partial: British Isles, Caribbean, Central America, Chukchi Peninsula, Greenland, Hawaii, Iceland, North America, Northern South America, Portugal
February 26, 201714:54:33140Annular0.9920:4434°42′S, 31°12′W3119
Annular: Angola, Argentina, Southern Chile, Southwestern Katanga
Partial: Antarctica, Southern, Southern South America, Western Africa
September 1, 201609:08:02135Annular0.9743:0610°42′S, 37°48′E10062
Annular: Atlantic, Central Africa, Indian, Madagascar
Partial: Africa, Indian Ocean
March 9, 201601:58:19130Total1.0454:0910°06′N, 148°48′E15596
Total: Indonesia, Marshall Islands, Micronesia
Partial: Alaska, Eastern Russia, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Northwestern Australia, Pacific, Southeastern Asia
September 13, 201506:55:19125Partial0.78872°06′S, 2°18′W
Partial: East Antarctica, South Indian Ocean, Southern Africa
March 20, 201509:46:47120Total1.0452:4764°24′N, 6°36′W463288
Total: Faroe Islands, North Atlantic, North Pole, Svalbard
Partial: Central Asia, Europe, Greenland, Western Russia
October 23, 201421:45:39153Partial0.81171°12′N, 97°12′W
Partial: Eastern Russia, Mexico, North America, Northern Pacific
April 29, 201406:04:33148Annular (non-central)0.98770°36′S, 131°18′E
Annular (non-central): Western Wilkes Land
Partial: Australia, East Antarctica, South Indian Ocean
November 3, 201312:47:36143Hybrid1.0161:403°30′N, 11°42′W5836
Hybrid: Democratic Republic Of The Congo, Ethiopia, Gabon, Kenya, Republic Of The Congo, Uganda
Partial: Africa, Caribbean, Eastern America, Eastern Canada, Eastern South America, South Europe
May 10, 201300:26:20138Annular0.9546:032°12′N, 175°30′E173107
Annular: Australia, Kiribati, Louisiade Archipelago, Northern Territory, Queensland, Solomon Islands, Western Australia
Partial: Australia, Central Pacific, Hawaii, Indonesia, New Zealand
November 13, 201222:12:55133Total1.0504:0240°00′S, 161°18′W179111
Total: Arnhem Land, Australia, Central Cape York Peninsula, Kermadec Islands, New Zealand
Partial: Antarctic Peninsula, Australia, Melanesia, New Zealand, Polynesia, Southeastern South America, Southern Pacific, Talos Dome, West Antarctica
May 20, 201223:53:54128Annular0.9445:4649°06′N, 176°18′E237147
Annular: Arizona, California, Hong Kong, Kyushu, Macau, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Shikoku, Southern China, Southern Honshu, Texas, Tokyo, Utah
Partial: Eastern Asia, Hawaii, North America, Pacific
November 25, 201106:21:24123Partial0.90568°36′S, 82°24′W
Partial: Antarctica, New Zealand, Southwestern South Africa, Tasmania
July 1, 201108:39:30156Partial0.09765°12′S, 28°36′E
Partial: Southern Indian Ocean Near Antarctica
June 1, 201121:17:18118Partial0.60167°48′N, 46°48′E
Partial: Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, Northeastern Asia, Northern Canada, Northern Scandinavia
January 4, 201108:51:42151Partial0.85864°42′N, 20°48′E
Partial: Central Asia, Europe, Middle East, Northern Africa
July 11, 201019:34:38146Total1.0585:2019°42′S, 121°54′W259161
Total: Argentina, Southeastern Polynesia, Southern Chile
Partial: French Polynesia, Hawaii, Southwestern South America
January 15, 201007:07:39141Annular0.91911:081°36′N, 69°18′E333207
Annular: Central African Republic, Central China, Democratic Republic Of The Congo, Maldives, Myanmar, Pakistan, Southeastern India, Sri Lanka, Uganda
Partial: Africa, Asia, Middle East, Southeastern Europe
July 22, 200902:36:25136Total1.0806:3924°12′N, 144°06′E258160
Total: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Central, China, Myanmar, Northeastern Pakistan India, Northern Part Of The Ryukyu Islands (Satsunan)
Partial: Central Pacific Ocean Area, Indonesia, Its Islands, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, The Philippines
January 26, 200907:59:45131Annular0.9287:5434°06′S, 70°12′E280170
Annular: Borneo, Jakarta, Southeast Sumatra
Partial: Australia, East Antarctica, Philippines, South East Asia, Southern Africa
August 1, 200810:22:12126Total1.0392:2765°42′N, 72°18′E237147
Total: Central Russia, Northern Greenland, Nunavut, Western China, Western Mongolia
Partial: Asia, Greenland, New Brunswick, Northern Europe, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, PEI, Quebec
February 7, 200803:56:10121Annular0.9652:1267°36′S, 150°30′W444276
Annular: West Antarctica
Partial: Antarctica, New Zealand, Southeastern Australia, Southeastern Melanesia, Southeastern Micronesia, Southeastern Polynesia
September 11, 200712:32:24154Partial0.75161°00′S, 90°12′W
Partial: Antarctic Peninsula, Central, East Antarctica, South Atlantic, Southern South America
March 19, 200702:32:57149Partial0.87661°00′N, 55°30′E
Partial: Asia, Western Alaska
September 22, 200611:41:16144Annular0.9357:0920°36′S, 9°06′W261162
Annular: French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname
Partial: Antarctic Peninsula, East Antarctica, South America, Southern Africa, West Africa
March 29, 200610:12:23139Total1.0524:0723°12′N, 16°42′E10465
Total: Benin, Brazil, Georgia, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Libya, Niger, Nigeria, Northwest Egypt, Southwestern Russia, Togo, Turkey
Partial: Central Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Brazil, Europe, India Pakistan, Middle East, North Africa
October 3, 200510:32:47134Annular0.9584:3212°54′N, 28°42′E162101
Annular: Algeria, Chad, Kenya, Libya, Portugal, Somalia, Spain, Sudan, Tunisia
Partial: Africa, Europe, India Pakistan, Middle East, Western Asia
April 8, 200520:36:51129Hybrid1.0070:4210°36′S, 119°00′W2717
Hybrid: Bounty Islands, Colombia, Panama, Southeastern French Polynesia, Venezuela
Partial: Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, New Zealand, Pacific, West Antarctica, Western South America
October 14, 200403:00:23124Partial0.92861°12′N, 153°42′W
Partial: Eastern Russia, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Northeastern China, Western Alaska
April 19, 200413:35:05119Partial0.73761°36′S, 44°18′E
Partial: Antarctic Peninsula, East Antarctica, Southern Africa
November 23, 200322:50:22152Total1.0381:5772°42′S, 88°24′E495308
Total: East Antarctica
Partial: Antarctica, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Southern Chile
May 31, 200304:09:22147Annular0.9383:3766°36′N, 24°30′W
Annular: Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Northeastern Scotland, Shetland Islands
Partial: Alaska, Eastern Europe, Greenland, Middle East, Northern, Northwestern Canada, Western Asia
December 4, 200207:32:16142Total1.0242:0439°30′S, 59°36′E8754
Total: Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, South Australia, Zimbabwe
Partial: Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Indonesia
June 10, 200223:45:22137Annular0.9960:2334°30′N, 178°36′W138.1
Annular: , Guam, Indonesia, Manado, Mexico, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Vallarta
Partial: Eastern Asia, Hawaii, North America, Northeastern Australia
December 14, 200120:53:01132Annular0.9683:530°36′N, 130°42′W12678
Annular: Costa Rica, Nicaragua
Partial: Central America, Hawaii, North, Northwestern South America
June 21, 200112:04:46127Total1.0504:5711°18′S, 2°42′E200120
Total: Angola, Madagascar, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Partial: Africa, South America