Live Free Video Streams of the Ningaloo Eclipse

Where to Watch the April's 2023 Ningaloo Hybrid Solar Eclipse Online. The list of sites that broadcast live coverage of this Eclipse for free.

This Event is now history. Upcoming eclipse:

April 20, 2023 Ningaloo Hybrid Solar Eclipse Live Webcasts

Stay tuned - This page will be updated.

Livestreaming by TimeAndDate

This live stream, provided by TimeAndDate service, starts April 20, 2023 at 1:30 AM UTC (click the link to check your local time).

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Livestreaming by SLOOH

Live coverage of the Ningaloo Eclipse starts on Wednesday, April 19, at 10 PM EDT (7 PM PDT); April 20, 02:00 AM UTC

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Eclipse Live Streaming (Polish Language)/Transmisja Po Polsku

Karol Wojcicki - Polish Solar Eclipse Chaser is supposed to broadcast live stream on his FB channel: Z głową w gwiazdach. Start circa 4:00 am (CEST - time in Poland). Total phase begins at 5:29 am CEST

Karol Wojcicki - zapowiada transmisję z zaćmienia na : Z głową w gwiazdach. Początek ok. 4:00 rano, czwartek 20 kwietnia (CEST - czas polski). Zaćmienie całkowite rozpocznie się o 5:29 rano CEST
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Live Brodcast by Cosmosapiens

Live Webcast by Testar Australia

"The Testar team will travel to Exmouth to live stream the total solar eclipse through a telescope. In this stream we will use a SkyWatcher 80ED combined with a Canon R6 that will offer a close up of the eclipse..."
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