Total Lunar Eclipse November 7-8, 2022

What time does the Eclipse begin? What time does it end? When is the Maximum Eclipse?

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Exact Times of the Eclipse's Phases in Your Local Time & UTC

Phase of the Eclipse Your TimeUTCNov 8
Penumbral eclipse begins - P1 08:02:17
Partial eclipse begins - U1 09:09:12
Total eclipse begins- U2 10:16:39
Greatest eclipse 10:59:08
End of the total eclipse - U3 NA 11:41:37
End of the partial eclipse - U4 12:49:03
End of the penumbral eclipse - P4 13:56:08
Duration of the Eclipse
Total duration of the Eclipse (Penumbral) P1-P4 05h53m51s
Total Duration of the Partial Phase (Umbral) U1-U4 03h39m50s
Duration of the Full Eclipse (Total Eclipse) U2-U3 01h24m58s
Magnitudes of the Eclipse
Penumbral Magnitude 2.4143
Umbral Magnitude 1.3589

Phases of the Eclipse. See table for exact contact times of the phases. Image: NASA

Live Broadcasts of the Total Lunar Eclipse - Nov 7-8, 2022

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Live Streaming for Total Lunar Eclipse by TimeAndDate (LIVE footage starts Nov 8, 8:00 am UTC)

LIVE Views of the Total Lunar Eclipse by High Point Scientific (starts Nov 8, 9:00 am UTC)

Live Stream from Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona (starts Nov8, 9:00 am UTC)

The Virtual Telescope Project (broadcast starts Nov 8, 9:30 am UTC)

Cosmosapiens will broadcast Live Eclipse Nov 8, 8:00 am UTC
November's Total Lunar Eclipse will be completely visible on Nov 7-8, 2022 over northwestern part of North America, eastern Asia and Pacific Ocean (brightest area on the map below). This eclipse will be partialy visible over central and eastern part of North America, South America and Asia . No visibility over Africa and Europe.

Check Eclipse Visibility in Your Country

November 7-8, 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse Visibility around the World.
Image by NASA. License: Public Domain