The Opening Ceremony will start July 26, 2024 at 17:30 UTC (19:30 Paris Time)
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Countdown to the Opening Ceremony of Olympic Games 2024 in Paris

This Olympic Clock counts down time left until the Opening Ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympics. The Opening Ceremony is scheduled to start July 26, 2024 exactly at 17:30 UTC (19:30 Paris Time).

Note: This countdown is based on the internal clock of your computer, so it's important that the time zone and clock time on your computer are set correctly for this page to operate properly.


For the first time in the history the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Summer Games will be held outside stadium. The parade of athletes will flow in boats on the river Seine. This parade will depart from the Austerlitz bridge at 7.30 p.m (local/Paris time) that is 5.30 pm UTC (see your local time above). The parade will end at the Léna bridge. The ceremony final will take place at Trocadéro.

The Olympic flame will be extinguished on August 11, 2024. The closing ceremony will be held in Stade de France.