When in Rio de Janeiro is:
12 hour clock: 2:45 pm
Your Local Time is *:
Thinking ...
14:45 is spoken as:
12 hour clock: quarter to three pm, fifteen minutes to three pm, two fourty-five pm, three quarters past two pm, fourty-five minutes past two pm
24 hour clock: quarter to fifteen, fifteen minutes to fifteen, fourteen fourty-five, three quarters past fourteen, fourty-five minutes past fourteen
Military: one-four-four-five hours, fourteen fourty-five hours

* This conversion is correct for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games ( because time difference between your local time and Rio time now is hour(s) and in August 2016 is hour(s) )
This time conversion is valid now. Due to DST (Daylight Saving Time) changes it could not be correct for any date in the year. For example: if you check the time in summer, it could NOT be correct in winter.

Time difference between me and Brazil

Your Local Time
Rio Current Time
In August 2016 you are X hours ahead/behind Rio time.

During the Games of the XXXI Olympiad which take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, BRT (Brasilia Standard Time) is in use. BRT is 3 hours behind UTC (Universal Time Coordinated). In August you are X hours ahead/behind UTC. So, time difference between your local time and Rio time during Olympic Games is Y hours. That means you should add/subtract X hours to/from Rio time to get your local time, and subtract/add X hours from/to your time to get Rio time.

Equations - How to calculate Rio Time to My Time and My Time to Rio Time

during Olympic Games in Rio 2016
Rio Time to My Local Time
My Time to Rio Time

Rio Time to My Time Conversion Table

(during 2016 Rio Olympic Games)
Time In RioMy Time
00:00 (12:00 am)05:00
01:00 (01:00 am)05:00
02:00 (02:00 am)05:00
03:00 (03:00 am)05:00
04:00 (04:00 am)05:00
05:00 (05:00 am)05:00
06:00 (06:00 am)05:00
07:00 (07:00 am)05:00
08:00 (08:00 am)05:00
09:00 (09:00 am)05:00
10:01 (10:00 am)05:00
11:00 (11:00 am)05:00
12:00 (12:00 pm)05:00
13:00 (01:00 pm)05:00
14:00 (02:00 pm)05:00
15:00 (03:00 pm)05:00
16:00 (04:00 pm)05:00
17:00 (05:00 pm)05:00
18:00 (06:00 pm)05:00
19:00 (07:00 pm)05:00
20:00 (08:00 pm)05:00
21:00 (09:00 pm)05:00
22:00 (10:00 pm)05:00
23:00 (11:00 pm)05:00
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