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Schedule for July 29th, 2012

Sports on Jul 29, 2012 in London: Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Canoe - Slalom, Cycling - Road, Diving, Equestrian - Eventing, Fencing, Football, Gymnastics - Artistic, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Polo, Weightlifting

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Beach Volleyball
Canoe - Slalom
Cycling - Road
Equestrian - Eventing
Gymnastics - Artistic
Table Tennis
Water Polo
Sport EventMy TimePhaseUK Time
Archery, Lord's Cricket Ground
Women's Team09:001/8 Eliminations 09:00
15:00Quarterfinals 15:00
16:40Semifinals 16:40
17:33Bronze Medal Match 17:33
18:01Gold Medal Match 18:01
Badminton, Wembley Arena
Men's Doubles08:30Group Play Stage * **08:30
12:30Group Play Stage * **12:30
18:30Group Play Stage * **18:30
Men's Singles08:30Group Play Stage * **08:30
12:30Group Play Stage * **12:30
18:30Group Play Stage * **18:30
Mixed Doubles08:30Group Play Stage * **08:30
12:30Group Play Stage * **12:30
18:30Group Play Stage * **18:30
Women's Doubles08:30Group Play Stage * **08:30
12:30Group Play Stage * **12:30
18:30Group Play Stage * **18:30
Women's Singles08:30Group Play Stage * **08:30
12:30Group Play Stage * **12:30
18:30Group Play Stage * **18:30
Basketball, Basketball Arena
Men's Basketball09:00Group A QT2 vs Tunisia09:00
11:15Group B Brazil vs Australia11:15
14:30Group A United States vs France14:30
16:45Group B Spain vs China16:45
20:00Group B QT3 vs Great Britain20:00
22:15Group A Argentina vs QT122:15
Beach Volleyball, Horse Guards Parade
Men's Beach Volleyball09:00Preliminary Round *09:00
09:00Preliminary Round *09:00
14:30Preliminary Round *14:30
14:30Preliminary Round *14:30
20:00Preliminary Round *20:00
20:00Preliminary Round *20:00
Women's Beach Volleyball09:00Preliminary Round *09:00
09:00Preliminary Round *09:00
14:30Preliminary Round *14:30
14:30Preliminary Round *14:30
20:00Preliminary Round *20:00
20:00Preliminary Round *20:00
Boxing, ExCeL
Men's Light 60kg13:30Round of 32 *13:30
20:30Round of 32 *20:30
Men's Welter 69kg15:00Round of 32 *15:00
22:00Round of 32 *22:00
Canoe - Slalom, Lee Valley White Water Centre
Men's Canoe Single13:30Heats 13:30
Men's Kayak14:24Heats 14:24
Cycling - Road, Box Hill Zig Zag Road
Women's Road Race12:00Final 12:00
Diving, Aquatics Centre
Women's Synchronised 3m Springboard15:00Final 15:00
Equestrian - Eventing, Greenwich Park
Individual Eventing10:00Dressage Day 2 *10:00
Team Eventing10:00Dressage Day 2 *10:00
Fencing, ExCeL
Men's Individual Sabre10:30Round of 64 10:30
11:30Round of 32 11:30
13:10Round of 16 13:10
14:10Quarterfinals 14:10
18:00Semifinals 18:00
18:50Bronze Medal Match 18:50
19:10Gold Medal Match 19:10
Men's Football12:00Group C Egypt vs New ZealandOld Trafford12:00
14:30Group B Mexico vs GabonCity of Coventry Stadium14:30
15:00Group C Brazil vs BelarusOld Trafford15:00
17:00Group A Senegal vs UruguayWembley Stadium17:00
17:00Group D Japan vs MoroccoSt James' Park17:00
17:15Group B Korea vs SwitzerlandCity of Coventry Stadium17:15
19:45Group A Great Britain vs UA EmiratesWembley Stadium19:45
19:45Group D Spain vs HondurasSt James' Park19:45
Gymnastics - Artistic, North Greenwich Arena
Women's Qualification, Artistic09:30Qualification 09:30
11:15Qualification 11:15
14:45Qualification 14:45
16:30Qualification 16:30
20:00Qualification 20:00
Handball, Copper Box
Men's Handball09:30Group A Iceland vs Argentina09:30
11:15Group B Croatia vs Korea11:15
14:30Group A Sweden vs Tunisia14:30
16:15Group B Spain vs Serbia16:15
19:30Group A France vs Great Britain19:30
21:15Group B Hungary vs Denmark21:15
Hockey, Riverbank Arena
Women's Hockey08:30Group B New Zealand vs Australia08:30
10:45Group A Netherlands vs Belgium10:45
13:45Group A China vs Korea13:45
16:00Group B Argentina vs South Africa16:00
19:00Group A Great Britain vs Japan19:00
21:15Group B Germany vs United States21:15
Judo, ExCeL
Men's 66kg09:30Quarterfinals *09:30
09:30Round of 64 *09:30
09:30Round of 16 *09:30
09:30Round of 32 *09:30
14:00Repechage & Bronze Medal Match *14:00
14:00Semifinals *14:00
16:10Final *16:10
Women's 52kg09:30Round of 32 *09:30
09:30Quarterfinals *09:30
09:30Round of 16 *09:30
14:00Repechage & Bronze Medal Match *14:00
14:00Semifinals *14:00
16:00Final *16:00
Rowing, Dorney Lake
Men's Double Sculls09:30Repechages 09:30
Men's Lightweight Four09:40Repechages 09:40
Men's Single Sculls09:50Repechages 09:50
Women's Single Sculls10:20Repechages 10:20
Women's Lightweight Double Sculls10:40Heats 10:40
Men's Lightweight Double Sculls11:10Heats 11:10
Women's Eight11:50Heats 11:50
Sailing, Weymouth and Portland
Men's Finn12:00Race 1 *12:00
12:00Race 2 *12:00
Men's Star12:00Race 1 *12:00
12:00Race 2 *12:00
Women's Elliott 6m12:00Round Robin *12:00
Shooting, The Royal Artillery Barracks
Women's 10m Air Pistol09:00Qualification 09:00
11:45Finals 11:45
Women's Skeet09:00Qualification 09:00
14:00Finals 14:00
Swimming, Aquatics Centre
Women's 100m Backstroke10:00Heats 10:00
20:44Semifinals 20:44
Men's 200m Freestyle10:20Heats 10:20
19:37Semifinals 19:37
Women's 100m Breaststroke10:51Heats 10:51
19:48Semifinals 19:48
Men's 100m Backstroke11:13Heats 11:13
20:25Semifinals 20:25
Women's 400m Freestyle11:33Heats 11:33
20:15Final 20:15
Men's 4x100m Freestyle Relay12:05Heats 12:05
20:54Final 20:54
Women's 100m Butterfly19:30Final 19:30
Men's 100m Breaststroke20:08Final 20:08
Table Tennis, ExCeL
Women's Singles09:00Second Round 09:00
18:00Third Round 18:00
Men's Singles11:00Second Round 11:00
13:30Second Round 13:30
Tennis, Wimbledon
Men's Doubles11:30First Round **11:30
Men's Singles11:30First Round **11:30
Women's Doubles11:30First Round **11:30
Women's Singles11:30First Round **11:30
Volleyball, Earls Court
Men's Volleyball09:30Group A Great Britain vs Bulgaria09:30
11:30Group B Russian Fed. vs Germany11:30
14:45Group A Australia vs Argentina14:45
16:45Group B United States vs Serbia16:45
20:00Group A Italy vs Poland20:00
22:00Group B Brazil vs Tunisia22:00
Water Polo, Water Polo Arena
Men's Water Polo10:00Group A Greece vs Croatia10:00
11:20Group A Kazakhstan vs Spain11:20
14:10Group A Italy vs Australia14:10
15:30Group B Hungary vs Serbia15:30
18:20Group B Romania vs Great Britain18:20
19:40Group B Montenegro vs United States19:40
Weightlifting, ExCeL
Men's 56kg10:00Group B 10:00
19:00Group A 19:00
Women's 53kg12:30Group B 12:30
15:30Group A 15:30
* - Start time of the competition is estimated, ** - start time and order of play to be confirmed

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