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Copper Box Schedule

Start of compertitions: July 28th, 2012 end: August 12th, 2012
Location: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Lower Lea Valley, London

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Sport EventMy TimePhaseUK Time
07-28-2012 - Handball
Women's Handball09:30Group A Russian Fed. vs Angola09:30
11:15Group B Spain vs Korea11:15
14:30Group A Croatia vs Brazil14:30
16:15Group B Denmark vs Sweden16:15
19:30Group A Montenegro vs Great Britain19:30
21:15Group B Norway vs France21:15
07-29-2012 - Handball
Men's Handball09:30Group A Iceland vs Argentina09:30
11:15Group B Croatia vs Korea11:15
14:30Group A Sweden vs Tunisia14:30
16:15Group B Spain vs Serbia16:15
19:30Group A France vs Great Britain19:30
21:15Group B Hungary vs Denmark21:15
07-30-2012 - Handball
Women's Handball09:30Group A Angola vs Croatia09:30
11:15Group B Korea vs Denmark11:15
14:30Group A Great Britain vs Russian Fed.14:30
16:15Group B France vs Spain16:15
19:30Group A Brazil vs Montenegro19:30
21:15Group B Sweden vs Norway21:15
07-31-2012 - Handball
Men's Handball09:30Group A Tunisia vs Iceland09:30
11:15Group B Korea vs Hungary11:15
14:30Group A Great Britain vs Sweden14:30
16:15Group B Serbia vs Croatia16:15
19:30Group B Denmark vs Spain19:30
21:15Group A Argentina vs France21:15
08-01-2012 - Handball
Women's Handball09:30Group B Norway vs Korea09:30
11:15Group A Montenegro vs Angola11:15
14:30Group B France vs Sweden14:30
16:15Group A Great Britain vs Brazil16:15
19:30Group B Spain vs Denmark19:30
21:15Group A Russian Fed. vs Croatia21:15
08-02-2012 - Handball
Men's Handball09:30Group B Spain vs Korea09:30
11:15Group A France vs Tunisia11:15
14:30Group B Croatia vs Hungary14:30
16:15Group A Great Britain vs Argentina16:15
19:30Group B Serbia vs Denmark19:30
21:15Group A Sweden vs Iceland21:15
08-03-2012 - Handball
Women's Handball09:30Group A Angola vs Great Britain09:30
11:15Group B Korea vs France11:15
14:30Group A Croatia vs Montenegro14:30
16:15Group A Russian Fed. vs Brazil16:15
19:30Group B Spain vs Sweden19:30
21:15Group B Denmark vs Norway21:15
08-04-2012 - Handball
Men's Handball09:30Group A Tunisia vs Great Britain09:30
11:15Group B Korea vs Serbia11:15
14:30Group A Sweden vs Argentina14:30
16:15Group B Croatia vs Denmark16:15
19:30Group A Iceland vs France19:30
21:15Group B Hungary vs Spain21:15
08-05-2012 - Handball
Women's Handball09:30Group B Sweden vs Korea09:30
11:15Group A Brazil vs Angola11:15
14:30Group A Montenegro vs Russian Fed.14:30
16:15Group A Croatia vs Great Britain16:15
19:30Group B Norway vs Spain19:30
21:15Group B Denmark vs France21:15
08-06-2012 - Handball
Men's Handball09:30Group B Hungary vs Serbia09:30
11:15Group A Argentina vs Tunisia11:15
14:30Group B Denmark vs Korea14:30
16:15Group A Iceland vs Great Britain16:15
19:30Group B Spain vs Croatia19:30
21:15Group A France vs Sweden21:15
08-07-2012 - Handball
Women's Handball10:00Quarterfinal 10:00
13:30Quarterfinal 13:30
17:00Quarterfinal 17:00
20:30Quarterfinal 20:30
08-11-2012 - Modern Pentathlon
Men's Modern Pentathlon08:45Fencing 08:45
08-12-2012 - Modern Pentathlon
Women's Modern Pentathlon08:00Fencing 08:00
* - Start time of the competition is estimated, ** - start time and order of play to be confirmed

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